4/05/14 The myweb team is making updates to the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival website ahead of the event on May 1st!!!

3/29/14 Joe’s Bistro, one of our local favorite restaurants asked us to launch a website that reflected the service and excellence they offer customers, it was a joy to help make it happen!!

3/20/14 The founder and Professional Coach of the new Amelia National Tennis Academy asked us to help him get a website ready for the launch of the new club! We are looking forward to help Joe Mattingly and his team get started with a smooth and informative design for clients and fans alike!

3/27/14 Another great milestone was met for the Historic Florida House Inn as we helped them create a fresh, updated and easy to navigate website, helping locals and fans everywhere connect with a beloved venue easily.

3/22/14 Green Turtle Tavern will soon showcase specials and events on the new website we were able to create for them! We are honored to help fans stay in touch with reasons for an extra visit to a favorite Amelia Island pub!

3/19/14 We were pleased to help Amelia Island Trolleys launch a new website with more information than ever available for clients and followers to stay connected!

3/14/14 With Amelia Luxury Transportation we were able to give them a design that is able to reflect the type of service and professionalism that they bring to their clients, with a product such as theirs having the best representation on their website is a must! COMING SOON!

3/10/14 Florida Machine Works needed an updated website to be able to bring their unique services to the public on a wider scale, we loved being able to help them successfully accomplish that goal for their company!

3/7/14 Yet another exciting company asked us to help them better reach their clients, Fly Fun Fishing – Jet Ski Tours is now accessible online with our help, was a blast to work on and inspire more customers than ever to be able to learn about, and book a truly unique JET SKI experience!

3/2/14 We helped launch Bill Webb Mirm’s new Blog, and he may have had the words, but it is exciting that we could help bring them to the world to see and appreciate!

2/28/14 Punch Cup Yacht Charters will be ready to connect and book when you learn about and utilize the new mywebrefresh website.

2/25/14 We designed and launched the new Shrimp Festival Website!! This is such a huge and meaningful event for all involved, and from the locals to the many that will be coming in to town for celebration - we were proud to be a part of the tradition that is such an important part of our community!

2/22/14 Working with ACAP Aviation consultants in Washington D.C. allowed us another great opportunity to help create a site tailored for exactly for the business mission ahead.

2/18/14 RMK Accounting Services joined our list of clients and we love the request to help them create a site specifically for their needs. We look forward to continuing to help them with a successful website that is always how they need it to be – effective and unique.

2/14/14 We were recently asked to help Twisted Sisters bring their unique style and products to a greater reach with a website and reflects the services and style they have worked to create in their NEW Centre Street storefront!

2/10/14 Marble Masters of Jacksonville asked us to redesign their existing site in a way they feel we can represent for them! We love to create original sites, although ‘re-creating’ one is equally important to us, and an honor to be asked to consult on making the change!

2/8/14 An Ohio based company, ArdsPro found and chose us to be the website design company behind creating them and launching a site to provide an image for them in the way they knew we could!

2/1/14 Tony’s Pizza is now more accessible than ever with the new design we helped them establish for the website. We take our online pizza ordering seriously and we know others do too, helping customers with seamless orders and information was our pleasure!

2/2/14 Krittrdone is another most essential company offering unique services, and when you need them, most likely you’ll want to reach them as quick and easily as possible, we were happy to help make that possible!

1/29/14 Gifting 365 allowed us to be the company to help them create a beautiful site and perfect to bring to the public eye, this is a fun site we truly enjoyed being a part of making that happen!

1/27/14 Napa – Johnson’s Auto Parts sets a new tone for their company as they asked us to help them with their website. A website for 8 (yes eight) NAPA stores in NE Florida.

1/25/14 We are so proud of our work as MyWebRefresh helps Amelia Island Youth Soccer with a newly redesigned and accessible website to be one more tool for local connections and information easily accessible.

1/23/14 The new St. Michaels Church updated website is now released...

1/21/14 Memorial Methodist Church of Amelia lsland launches a new website

1/18/14 With a menu redesign on the website for 3 Lions Sports Bar, we help their clients be informed and achieve an easier ordering experience.

12/19/13 The Hammerhead Beach Bar gets ready for the increased summer crowd with a new website we have just released.

12/14/13 McGill Aviation stays ‘on top of the world’ with a fresh and updated website we helped them accomplish creating.

1/13/14 Gourmet Gourmet adds new menus to their website. Check them out!

1/08/14 The Courtyard Pub & Eats begins work with us and launches a new website designed by mywebrefresh.

1/05/14 Pirate Painting brings their company to a new level by joining our client list and contracting a new website for us to create and launch.

12/28/13 To match the interior remodel, the website for The Surf Restaurant & Bar needed an update as well. We helped create a site to represent the hard work they’ve put in making it the best possible for their patrons!

05/06/13 - myweb to redesign new website for Council on Aging, Amelia Island.

05/04/13 - myweb Shrimp Festival website proves to be a success at the 50th Anniversary.

05/02/13 - myweb refresh launches a smart phone digital flyover for Amelia River Golf Club, Amelia Island.

05/01/13 - myweb refresh designs and prints all new menus for Peppers Mexican Grill and Cantina ahead of Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival 2013.

05/01/13 - myweb web refresh asked to update Palace Saloon website, Amelia Island.

04/29/13 - myweb refresh asked to update Uncle Charlie's and Sheffield's website, Amelia Island.

03/22/13 - myweb refresh launches new website for Amelia River Golf Club, Amelia Island.

03/18/13 - myweb refresh to design new website and branding for Barnabas, Amelia Island.

03/18/13 - myweb refresh asked to refresh website for OH Computer Guy! Fernandina Beach.

03/14/13 - myweb refresh to redesign Summer Beach Properties website.

02/16/13 - myweb web is the new web designer for Twisted Sisters, Amelia Island.

02/12/13 - myweb web team to design new web site for Downtown Merchants Association, Fernandina Beach.

02/12/13 - myweb web design team implements event application forms online for the Isle of Eight Flags Shrimp Festival 2013.

02/17/13 - myweb marketing team implements Open Table on Gourmet Gourmet website.

02/16/13 - myweb marketing team designs new menus for Three Lions Sports Pub, Jacksonville.

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